UK Hotel Jobs   

UK Hotel Jobs   

The United Kingdom is the developed and first world country of the Europe. It is a civilized and beautiful country of this continent. The UK has multicultural society because of large numbers on immigrants, students, employees and investors from all parts of the world. The United Kingdom is the prime commercial hub of the Europe. The country has nice and developed infrastructure along with natural beauty that pulls the overseas tourists. The tourists and visitors from foreign countries are accommodating in different world class hotels. The hotels in the UK are amazing equipped with qualified, skilled and experienced staff. Hotels management in this part of the world always tries to induct more skilled and qualified hotel staff from this country or abroad. Hotel jobs in the UK are published in the leading news papers and online websites. The UK hotels have different types of hotel jobs those are filled on merit.

Hotel General Manager Job
General Manager position has executive role in hotel management, financial returns, administration, monitoring and enhance performance of the hotel staff. Hotel general manager take decisions about major initiatives and look after all activities of the hotel.

Hotel General Manager Responsibilities
The general manager ensures safe and secure environment for the guests and implements rules and regulations. He enforce hotel policies and procedures through hotel staff. He creates awareness regarding hotel and brand in the region. The general manager is the key person that oversees all matters of hotel and plan for further improvements. He works for the betterment of the hotel and guests satisfaction. The general manager observe the performances and activities of the hotel staff. He conducts meeting of all head of departments and emphasize the performance and identify the lacuna. The general manager also frame annual operation budgets, marketing plan and removes all flaws. He takes bold steps in the best interest of the hotel and management.

Hotel General Manager Qualification and Experience
The general manager usually equipped with bachelor’s degree, hotel management or business administration. However, it is also necessary for the applicant of this portion that he must have three to five year experience. Similarly, if he has a vast experience as assistant general manager. It is also vital for the general manager that he must speak fluent English and basic computer skill is compulsory.

Assistant Hotel Manager  Job
Assistant hotel manager in the United Kingdom is an important position in the hotel. He motivates all hotel staff and encourage them Similarly, he also printout different flaws and weaknesses in different filled in hotel. The assistant manager help the administration and management in different issues and tasks. The assistant manager supervise and in-charge of different departments located in hotel. The assistant hotel manager specifically hired for the checking of food, beverages, casino and maintenance.

Assistant Hotel Manager  Responsibilities
The assistant manager ensures that all rooms and other concerned area is cleaned. He also checks the preparation of foods and delivery of food. He also compile new action plan according to the suggestion and feedback of the customers. The assistant manager cooperate with other team members and develop new plans. He also inducts new employees and assigns duties.

Assistant Hotel Manager Qualification and Experience
It is necessary for the applicant of this portion that he must have bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management or hospitality management. Similarly, the candidate from the business management background can also apply for this job. However, previous experience and skills are beneficial for the inducting of candidate. It is also necessary that the candidate of this portion must have good communication skills in both written as well as oral category. He must have leading qualities, result oriented personality and skills. The candidate has the ability to work without any supervision.

Reservation Manager Job
The United Kingdom hotel reservation manager are inducted by the hotel management to ensure and manage bookings and maintain record. The reservation manager is the person that knows the ability of the rooms or suites. The hotels are usually induct more qualified and skilled individual for this job.

Hotel Reservation Manager Responsibilities
The hotel reservation manager ensures all booking deals are issued on the given time. The reservation manager observe and monitor the reception’s desk and communicate with customers in person or through phonic contact. He has expertise in reservation and even handle it through software.

Hotel Reservation Manager Qualification and Experience
In the United Kingdom hotel management always try to induct more experienced and relevant employee for this job. It is necessary that the candidate must have minimum bachelor degree in management or hospitality. Similarly, the applicant of this job must be equipped with at least two to three years experience of reception desk. He should have good oral and written skills. The position holder has a positive attitude and issue resolving nature.

Hotel Receptionist Job
The United Kingdom is leading in the world in hospitality industry that is why it has world class hotels and qualified staff. Hotel receptionist job is the key for the hotel because it is the person that deals with guests or customers. He/she is the first person that provides basic information about the hotel rooms and suites.

Hotel Receptionist Responsibilities
The receptionist the front desk representative that greets the guests, inform about room and suites availability and features. He/she handle check-in and check-out, receives bills, resolves issues and complaints of the guests. The receptionist also connected with other hotel staff like chef, porters, drivers and higher management authorities. The receptionist fulfills all requirements of the guests about their accommodations, foods and further reservation. The receptionist also attend the phone calls, receives mail and answer fax, emails and in person. Similarly, he immediately resolves the problems and issues of the guests.

Hotel Receptionist Qualification and Experience
The hotels in this part of the world always induct more qualified person for this position. He/she must be dynamic, motivated and cooperative. Receptionist usually have bachelor degree in hospitality or public relation with good communication skills. Moreover, the job demands three to four years relevant experience and issue resolving ability. The receptionist job also demands the basic computer literacy and general awareness about drafting or report compiling.

Chef  Job
Chef is the person that has expertise in cooking and food preparation. Chef prepares foods according to the given menu or instructions from the guests. Chef also maintain the availability of the raw material according to the need and demands of the hotel. Chef is the in-charge of kitchen team and he monitors the whole operation going on in the kitchen.

Chef  Responsibilities
The prime responsibility of the chef is to prepare the foods and dishes according to the menu. Moreover, he has expertise to prepare delicious foods and desserts. He maintains the availability of raw material, cleanliness and manage everything.

Chef  Qualification and Experience
Chef job demands degree or diploma or culinary certificate from the recognized institute. It is also vital for the chef that he must prepare all famous dishes like intercontinental, Chines and Italian foods.

Housekeeper Job

The housekeeper job in the hotel is vital and maintains the highest level of cleanliness.  The housekeeper keep the environment neat and clean. Similarly, arrange everything according to its place or position.

Housekeeper Responsibilities
He/she ensures that the assigned area of the hotel is neat and clean. The housekeeper arrange the rooms and suites, changes bed sheets, clean furniture, floors and washrooms. The housekeeper removes all trashes, empty dustbin, changes curtains and cleans doors.

Housekeeper Qualification and Experience
The housekeeper must know the responsibilities and awareness about job. He/she must have good communication and other skills. However, previous experience is necessary in the appointment the UK of hotels.