Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync

You can spend all day from your laptop or computer to your Samsung Galaxy tablet, or connect it to Samsung SideSync. This free and simple Samsung application will allow you to connect your phone and laptop computer so you can use your phone from your computer just as if it were one of your programs.
The first step is to install the SideSync on the two devices you want to connect. Once you’ve started both programs, you’ll find there are two ways to connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your computer – via Wi-Fi or with a USB cable. Both options are simple and both have advantages and disadvantages. Wi-Fi connections may be unstable, usually causing breakdowns that can be disturbed after a while, especially when sharing information between devices. At the front you can use your computer more strategies. If discretion is not a problem, connect your tablet from your computer to the USB via your computer. First of all, your mobile device will be prevented from battery failure. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about broken connections and communication errors
After connecting, you will be presented with a small menu that includes, among other things; a direct click to your phone’s files, music and gallery sections with just one click. A notification panel will also tell you if there are recent messages waiting on your phone. You can use it or simply click on the “Phone screen” button and start using your tablet or smartphone with your keyboard and mouse, just as if you just opened another application. It’s so simple and so simple. You can now make phone calls with your mouse, move files between devices with drag-and-drop, manage your contacts, install apps on your phone, write long emails or messages in WhatsApp with your keyboard, call it. Incoming calls and messages will be strategically displayed on the program’s menu on your computer so you can read and manage it without touching your phone. How useful a tool like SideSync might be for you will depend on your expectations and the usage of your phone or tablet. Don’t expect to find specific tools to repair your phone, unlock your SIM, or root your device. SideSync will only bring it into contact with your computer or laptop so you can strategically use your phone from the screen of your computer and move files back and forth with your mouse. Some may say that they never needed a tool like SideSync to copy their photos and audio files to the computer and vice versa, and they were right. But apart from the fact that this program will now allow them via Wi-Fi, it will allow them to be fully connected to their mobile devices without anyone noticing it. If it’s a discretion, you’re looking for SideSync. To avoid any frustrations, you are advised to review the program’s specifications in advance, especially with regard to minimum requirements and recommended operating systems on both sides. Also note that unfortunately SideSync is not available for all Samsung tablets and smartphones.


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